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Hi! My name is Lin, one of the two founders of PinkVelvet handmade accessories. Having been in the industry for 20 years, I'm now teaching classes to spread my passion for all things related to sewing. I take inspiration from all things organic around me and my designs reflect my free-form style. Join me in a no-mistakes style sewing session where creativity is all that matters.

How would I describe my style?

Organic modern with a sprinkle of the unexpected.

What's my "handmade groove"?

Difficult to answer as there are so many things. I love thinking of new designs and drawing inspiration from the world around me. Inspiration can come from anywhere – nature, fashion history, movies etc.  I also love decorating my home with modern and vintage pieces which reflect my affinity for both the classic and quirky.


What're my favourite materials to work with?

Velvet (pink velvet especially...), brocade, canvas fabric, linen - just to name a few! I love blending different textures because they introduce more dimension to each piece. I never forget to sprinkle some colourful beads, classic gems and sequins - these final touches make all the difference. 

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